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What language is spoken in morocco ?

Many different languages are spoken throughout morocco. However, Arabic is the official language that is spoken in morocco as well as Arabic darija or dialect is the essential one.

What currency is used in morocco ?

Dirham used to be the official currency in the kingdom of morocco, it’s printed by the central bank of morocco ¨ Bank Al Maghrib¨ since 1987. In addition to the possibility of using Dollar and Euro also.

Can you use US dollars in morocco ?

Yes, you can use US Dollars in morocco. But it’s better to change it when you land in the airport in morocco. So you can carry cash that are enough for your day, as well as there are many post exchange offices in morocco where you can change it.

Do you need visa to travel to morocco ?

Concerning the requirement of VISA to visit morocco is depending on which state you are from. For example, the USA, Europe and Canada don’t need VISA to enter to Morocco just passport. You need to check your situation as either you need VISA or not.

Is English spoken throughout morocco ?

As we mentioned before, in morocco many different languages are spoken in this marvelous country. Furthermore, English is one of the most language spoken in morocco after French, it is the second foreing language that students decided to learn in their 3rd grade of junior high school.

Do you have to be vaccinated to go to morocco ?

No. Vaccination is not required to enter to morocco, but you should have a negative PCR result for 72 hours. In addition, children under the age of 12 is allowed to enter without any process.

What does Ramadan means, is it allowed to eat in Ramadan ?

Ramadan is a religious month that muslims people attempt to fast for the revelation of the glorious quran. During Ramadan all moroccan should fast until the sun set down and it´s not allowed to eat during the day. However, some restaurants are open only for the tourists.

When the best time to travel to morocco ?

Morocco is the only African country that featured with a perfect weather for the whole year, and every session in morocco gives the kind of feeling people write novels about.

What are the most popular foods in morocco ?

Morocco known for it´s delicious foods and it attempts to be the world’s class cuisine. Which is famous by Tagine, Tanjia, Passtilla and Couscous for Friday.

Can you buy alcohol in morocco ?

Morocco is one of the African countries that allows the exhaustion of alcohol. But this one is authorized only in a licensed hotels, in the bars and other separate room stores and supermarkets for the tourist.

Where is the best place to change currency ?

There are many places where to change currency in morocco, the common way here is to go to the bank or the exchange agencies that exist all over the country. As you can also change it in the airport or in your hotel.

What is hello in morocco ?

Hello in morocco means As-salamu Alaykom and it refers to the concept of “Peace upon you”.

What do Moroccan drink ?

Moroccan known for their love to the green tea with mint, for local making a good is a talent as well the local people always begin their parties with tea. It’s the most popular drink in morocco that every tourist should taste.

Is it allowed to smoke in public places in morocco ?

It´s not allowed to smoke in public place as many people and their children under the age of 6 setting next to you. But you can smoke in the restaurant or in the cafe.

Is Moroccan food spicy ?

As there are many delicious foods in morocco, also there are some food that are spicy, while some people use too much spices in their food, others are not. So it depends on how you choose your food.

Can you buy pork in morocco ?

Eating pork for moroccan muslims people is prohibited. However, it exists in some major supermarkets for the tourists as well as you can find it in your hotel.

Can i use my credit card in morocco ?

Concerning the credit cards that are works in morocco, you can use your visa or mastercard, both of them are most accepted in morocco, if you use another one it might be difficult to get cush easily.

What does henna refers to in morocco ? ( why Moroccan put/do henna in their hands)

Decorating the hands with henna is a traditional inherited in morocoo. women do henna to express their happiness in the weddings and official occasions, as well as it´s common to do henna ceremony before the weading. Tourist do henna too as it´s not only related to the events.

Is Moroccan eat with fork ?

In morocco you will see all the local people eat with fingers as it´s the real birth state for morocco. However, there are many kind of people who prefer to eat with fork as their own choice. It´s up to you either to eat with fingers or fork.

Is it safe to travel to morocco ?

Morocco is the most safe country in the north of Africa, as it is a muslims friendly and peaceful country it is respected because of its islamic culture and costums. But for sure, we should take into consideration that humans should always follow the safe places.

Is there transportation within morocco ?

There are many different transportation in morocco such as Taxi, Bus, Train to transfer from one city to another as you can also transfer by the flight (plane).

What are the best places to visit in morocco ?

Morocco is home to different landscapes and architectures, there are more places to visit in this country, begin with the High Atlas Mountains, Desert Sahara, wild Beaches, Moroccan monuments, architectures and history like Mohamed V and Hassan II tower in Rabat, Koutoubia mosque in Marrakech, Hassan II mosque in Casablanca and the world first university of Al- Karawiyn in Fes… All moroccan places deserve to be visited.

What is the dress code in morocco ?

During your visit to morocco you will recognize many different styles. However, Djallaba and kaftan is the official dress codes for Moroccan women.

Can you wear short in morocco ?

As well as short for men is common in morocco, people wear it most of the time especially in the summer, you will see the local wearing short in the streets especially the youngest people.

Do women have to cover up in morocco ?

Women in morocco are dressed conservatively especially after getting married. Most of them wearing Jallaba to cover their body. Also as you will see some places that respect the local culture and dressing conservatively, there are other places that are not.

Can unmarried couple share room in hotel in morocco ?
In morocco, sexual nexus between unmarried couple is prohibited hereby the moroccan constitution, but for tourists it´s legal to share the room for unmarried couples.

Can we hold hands in morocco ?

Moroccan people known for their passion and intimacy, as well, you will see most of the couples holding hands in the street. So it´s common to hold hands for married couples in morocco.

What is education system in morocco ?

Education in morocco is compulsory at the age of 5. In addition children have to go to school up to the age of 18. As well there are many stages of education in morocco like : Pre-school, Primary school, Junior high school, High school, University or Technical colleges, there are also public and pivate school.

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